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Prompted by his school's third-grade "Invention Convention," eight-year-old Ryan needed an original idea. While searching his house for inspiration, he discovered broken hangers and stretched-out shirt collars in his closet. An idea began to take shape in his mind…

After many hours, HangEase® was born. Ryan explains, “I decided to make a hanger that lets me pull my shirt right off, without breaking the hanger or stretching out my shirt. It's also easier for me to hang my own shirts now, since the collapsed hanger easily goes in through the neck.

My Mom loves it!”

HangEase® is a unique product that can help families with small children to save money, build self-sufficiency in their children, and reduce the burden of that most time-consuming of chores, laundry.

The patented design allows a child to simply tug on a shirt to remove it from the hanger.  The hanger collapses under pressure, allowing the shirt to come off without damaging either the shirt collar or the hanger.